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We are a national supplier of wood, aluminium, graphic industry and plastic working machinery

Over 43 years of experience

We have delivered many different applications to small and big size companies through out the whole wood-, aluminium and graphic industry in Finland and Estonia. With our workmanship we can find best solution for every customer if it is a single machine or a line solution.

Awutek grows according to customers’ needs

Awutek has been required to grow according to the needs of the customers.We want to show our customers that their satisfaction and trust is just as important to us regarding the used machinery as well as the new.

We display both new and secondhand machines throughout the year in our display hall which is the largest in Finland

In our display hall it is possible for customers to carry out own test runs with own workpieces.

Holz-Her Auriga

AURIGA series provides perfect automation in a low price

Holz-Her Tectra

Automatic beam saw TECTRA provides versatile and efficient cutting solutions in every price and capacity class.

Martin T60C

The sliding table saw T60C is the ideal entry into the premium compact class.

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Awutek Ltd

We are a national supplier of wood, aluminium, graphic industry and plastic working machinery. Read more about us below.


We deliver new working machines for your company through the world’s best manufacturers. Check out our supply!


We have over 300 new and second hand machines in our warehouse. All used machines are repaired and tested before selling.