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As it is seen that the economy is starting slowly to recover in Finland, we have decided to prepare our company for the future.
During the nice and long winter, we have done some recruiting to strengthen Awutek team.
All of our new employees are an excellent addition to all of our different areas.

Awutek recruited Mr. Toni Hellman as a new salesman for  aluminium machines. Prior Awutek he worked in boat industry in his own company and has experience with aluminium boats. He replaces Mika Lahtinen who after 17 years of service at Awutek joined to another company.

Mr. Joonas Kaukoniemi is our new reinforcement to our sales team. He has worked as a sales manager for window company before coming to Awutek.

Mr. Teemu Vierimaa is a language and translation specialist. He has worked as a technical writer before coming to Awutek.

Mr. Pasi Silver, technician, has a long experience in woodworking industry, he has worked as a service manager and service technician almost 20 years. Therefore our already skilled service team becomes even stronger.

Mr. Pyry Viber is our new service technician, he is an important reinforcement to our service team

Mr. Zigmontas Strepaitis is our new service technician in Estonia, but when needed, he can be working also in Finland.