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Firefly Presents Quick Suppression System

Higher Safety with Quick Response Time When protecting critical machinery or high-risk areas from fires, the response time of a fire protection system is essential. The quicker a fire can be detected and extinguished, the less damage it will cause, production losses can be kept to a minimum and employee safety will be greatly enhanced. By using an appropriate fire protection system with a quick response time, the risk for…

Wood and Bioenegy fields biggest event in Jyväskylä at Fall

Industry's biggest event gathers all the businesses under the same roof in Jyväskylä during 6.-8.9.2017. At the exhibition there is three main themes; wood technology, woodworking and bioenergy. Presentation at the fair ground is once again wider and better, so that the visitors can the most of their visit. If you are working in this field of industry, this is the exhibition that has to visit. More about the exhibition…

Mr. Valerio Campana from Italpresse organized a training day at Awutek!

Mr. Valerio Campana from Italpresse organized a training day at Awutek! Area Manager Mr. Valerio Campana from company Italpresse organized a training day for Awutek sales department. Already known pressing models were presented, but also some new models were introduced. Our sales personnel had a good knowledge of the products, but now we have the latest information of the company’s presses. What comes to any kind of pressing, now we…

Ligna 2017, 22.-26. May in Hannover

Biggest exhibition in woodworking industry is about to start in May, in Hannover. Come on board! Over 1500 exhibitors displays huge variety of machines and tools for woodworking industry. At the exhibition you can enjoy from a various programs provided for the visitors; Work demonstrations with the machines, guided tours and a lot of other things offer for the visitors. The latest trends are on display at the exhibition to show…

Masterwood SpA & Piklas Oy

A STRONG COLLABORATION! The company Piklas Oy, a market leader in the production of windows and doors for the Finnish market, was looking for a new concept to produce their range of doors in a more flexible way to reduce the costs of the final product. The managing director Erkki Tolvanen, using the experience gained from the shoe markets, has developed with his team of experts a smart software which…

Awutek team strengthened during winter

As it is seen that the economy is starting slowly to recover in Finland, we have decided to prepare our company for the future. During the nice and long winter, we have done some recruiting to strengthen Awutek team. All of our new employees are an excellent addition to all of our different areas.Awutek recruited Mr. Toni Hellman as a new salesman for  aluminium machines. Prior Awutek he worked in boat industry…