The El.En. Group, one of the leading operators in Europe and the world in the laser market, designs, manufactures and markets at international level:
• medical laser devices used in dermatology, surgery, cosmetics, physiotherapy, dentistry and gynaecology;
• industrial laser systems for applications that range from the cutting, marking and welding of metals, wood, plastic and glass to the decoration of leather and fabric, and through to the conservative restoration of works of art;
• systems for scientific applications and research.

Cutlite Penta designs, manufactures and markets the most advanced laser cutting systems and despite only having been set up in 1992, it has already become a leader in Italy in the field of CO2 laser cutting devices. CutLite combines El. En.’s experience with that historical of Valfivre spa, and in this way it has built up a wealth of human resources and technological experience. Its commitment and expertise have been rewarded with a remarkable and ever-growing commercial success all over the world. Just like the entire EL.EN Group, CUTLITE PENTA is capable of offering high technology and the tops in quality.

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