Düspohl is one of the world’s most innovative companies when it comes to developing profile wrapping technologies, but also laminating and peripheral machines for the wood and plastics processing industries. The company looks back on a decade-spanning history, beginning in the nineteen-sixties.

The company was founded by its namesake Reinhard Düspohl. His ideas and the revolutionary manufacturing methods subsequently derived from them were the initiators of continuous growth and corporate success. In 1979 Reinhard Düspohl died unexpectedly at the age of 49 shortly after the new company premises were completed. He left a wife and two children.

Until 2001 the company was able to maintain its market position thanks to the high quality and exceptionally high innovative strength of its products. However, the general economic depression following 9/11 finally forced the company into bankruptcy.

Their natural solidarity with the products gave a considerable section of the staff the strength and the firm belief that they could re-form the company and lead it to success.

In April 2002 the new company, DelleVedove Maschinenbau, was founded in Schloß Holte Stukenbrock, Germany, as a component of the Italian DelleVedove group of companies (known for their profile grinding machines). An important step towards the final goal was celebrated in August 2002 with the transfer of the Düspohl patents, drawings and name rights.

Following very positive staff and structural developments, the DelleVedove group of companies was incorporated in the Cefla Finishing Group in September 2005. The planned return to the name Düspohl Maschinenbau GmbH was finally completed in 2006.

The considerable expertise of the staff in the field of element surface finishing can now be regarded as globally unique.

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