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Awutek LtdAlready 40 years of high quality machinery

Awutek Oy was founded in 1976 by Erik and Iris Torkko. Their aim was to create a company offering high-quality machinery and services to companies operating in the field of wood processing. After beginning operations in Masku, the company moved into larger facilities in Raisio.

Because the goal of Awutek is to provide customers with as versatile a service possible with high-quality products, the company has been required to grow according to the needs of the customers. In 1996 a new building was finished, the purpose of which was to gain more adequate facilities to display and repair our used machinery. Used machinery is inspected and fully repaired before sending to the customer. We want to show our customers that their satisfaction and trust is just as important to us regarding the used machinery as well as the new.

At the beginning of 2006 the new building was completed, the purpose of it was to increasing the effectiveness of operations. The new facilities includes a display area where customers can familiarize themselves with the newest products. Some of these products are on standby for woodworking. This way our customers can instantly gain a better understanding of the workings of our machines. The new facilities are also better cater for training and negotiation needs.