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ATEMAG Control 4.0 – More intelligence for the aggregate

Awutek provides a comprehensive range of spare parts, peripherals and accessories. As technology advances, spare parts and peripherals are constantly evolving with machines. Through us, you are always at the forefront of development. We were part of Europe’s most important woodworking fair to look for the latest and more efficient solutions for our customers. We did not have to leave the fair with empty hands.

Awutek provides YOU the latest innovation in CNC Centers aggregates: ATEMAG Control 4.0.


Atemag Control 4.0 is an accessory that makes the aggregate even smarter. Aggregates are key to the full utilization of CNC machining centers. Aggregates will not only improve the quality of the product to be machined but also enhance the entire machining process.

With Atemag Control 4.0 it is possible to monitor aggregate performance on different devices in real time. This allows you to extend the aggregate’s life cycle, for example by observing the aggregate temperature. If the aggregate appears to overheat, it can be turned off.

Atemag Control 4.0 is also possible to retrofit to existing aggregates. Ask us more!


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