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TKE 954

4-axis CNC mobile gantry machining centre, designed for drilling, milling and threading at any angle from -90° to +90° on bars or pieces in aluminium, PVC, light alloys and steel up to 2 mm thickness. The mobile part of the machine is composed of a gantry with double gantry motorisation on a high precision rack. The local safety cabinet, made in technopolymer, was designed to combine top functionality, accessibility, soundproofing and light with safety and ergonomic requirements. The operator has broad glazed surfaces to check machining execution and easy access during cleaning and maintenance. Cab interior ensures chip conveying to the collection system available in the base. The 8.5 kW electrospindle is able to perform even heavy-duty machining with excellent, rapid and accurate results. The 12-place tool magazine, integrated into the mobile gantry, features two dedicated positions for holding a blade with a maximum diameter of 250 mm and an angular machining unit. It includes two different operating modes: the first one, in single-zone mode, for machining whole bars in a single working area, up to 7 m long; the second one, in double operation, for working on multiple workpieces in the two separate working areas. In version with clamp handling system on H and P axes, the machine can be used in dynamic double operation. TKE 954 features a laser scanner for more precise and advanced access control to the machine, raising safety and operator/machine interface standards.



+ Improved visibility with new compact, safe and ergonomic cab

+ New laser scanner for access control and operator safety

+ Dynamic double operation cycle with variable-size areas

+ 12-place tool magazine on the gantry with 250 mm blade

+ Optimised chip conveying for maximum cleaning

+ Increased axes acceleration and speed

+ Adjustable 21” touchscreen monitor with innovative user interface

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