Casadei  Industria is an avant-garde company proposing Automatic Edge Banding Machines for the wood, photographic  architectural/building industries and Nesting Panel Router with Vertical Table to process: plastic, composite material, light metals and many other types of material.

The company founded in 1994 produces Automatic Edge Banding Machines and Vertical Machining Centres for small/medium industries and artisans, in two separate buildings, with an overall surface of 5000 sqm, inside the Republic of San Marino.


The Edge Banding Machines and Vertical Machining Centres conceived by Casadei Industria are extremely simple and versatile to use on different applications, a plus which guarantee these machines to adapt themselves to the the needs of the clients in various product fields, such as plastic, architecture, photography and wood.


Summarizing, three are the features which make the Edge Banding Machines and the Vertical Machining Centres manufactured by Casadei Industria a top product range:

  • Easy to use
  • Compact and sturdy machines
  • Good quality/price ratio

Casadei Industria is the right answer to all those companies, small or medium and artisans who want to obtain a good quality finished product for their clients, guaranteeing also care in details.


The quality and extreme versatility of these machines has allowed Casadei Industria S.r.l. to expand not only surface wise but also with a number of employees: today about 70.


Our flagship is the continuous survey and development of our products: the application of avant-garde technology and the constant attention paid towards the market novelties, guarantee the Edge Banding Machines and Vertical Machining Centres with Casadei Industria Brand Name a very good working quality with the certainty that the machine will last in time.

All the machines designed and produced by Casadei Industria respect every norm in force.