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Josadoor invests in Holz-Her technology

Älykästä reunalistoitusta

Josadoor hyödyntää ainutlaatuista hybriditekniikkaa reunalistoituksessa

Josadoor Oy, part of the Hahle Group, invested in a new Holz-Her Lumina Automatic edgebander. With this new investment, Josadoor further strengthens its position as one of Finland’s largest door manufacturers. Josadoor’s product range includes painted MDF doors, melamine doors, as well as wood and veneer doors.

The Holz-Her Lumina edgebanding machine that will be delivered to Josadoor in November uses LTRONIC laser technology, which enables modern laser edgebanding to be carried out silently without the need for expensive and noisy compressed air. Listing can be started without any heating time.

The machine’s GLU JET technology, on the other hand, guarantees a perfect invisible joint, which is reflected above all in the quality of the end product for Hahles customers. Thanks to the Glu Jet Thin Film technology, the adhesive penetrates deep into the sheet structure. This gives Josadoor products a very strong and at the same time invisible seam. With these smart technologies, Josadoor also uses water-resistant PUR adhesive, which makes Josadoor products even more durable.

Josadoor products
  • MDF-doors
  • Melamine doors
  • Puuovet
  • Viiluovet

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