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Kansallisteatteri (National Theatre)gets its worthy machines

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Kansallisteatteri (National Theatre) gets its worthy machines

The Kansallisteatteri (National Theatre) has been providing experiences for citizens for over 150 years. Impressive and entertaining performances are the sum of many factors. In this challenging puzzle, the theatre’s stage crew acts an important role. Set designers are working hard behind the scenes. The stage crew was an important piece of this challenging puzzle, the result of which is that we get to enjoy great theatre performances. One of its important functions is to provide a framework for storytelling, which in turn makes acting easier.

Every year, several plays premiere at the National Theatre. This means new sets, which are professionally made in the theatre’s workshop. To minimise waste, the carpenters skilfully use old sets and create new ones to support the plays. Every job with props is different, which is why reliable and versatile machine tools are needed to work on them.

To meet this need, the workshop and its staff have received a long-needed boost: the high-quality Martin T75  saw and Striebig Evolution wall saw will enable them to continue to produce impressive sets.

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