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Saloteam uses Kimla CNC milling machine to machine large panels

Saloteam, founded in Salo in 1991, machines precision parts from aluminium and engineering plastics, among other materials, for industrial companies. The company, which has been in business for more than 30 years, specialises in small and medium-sized milled and turned parts for series production.
The investment in machinery was based on the needs and wishes of customers. In addition to machining small and medium-sized parts, Saloteamin received an increasing number of enquiries for machining larger parts. After a lengthy comparison process, a versatile Kimla BPF Linear CNC milling machine was selected for this job.

“Kimla’s CNC milling machine stands out especially thanks to its linear servo motors. The machine is precise and the surface quality is top class”- comments Tomi Pullinen, Production Manager at Saloteam.

The new investment will allow the company to serve its customers even better. Saloteam now offers an even more efficient total service to its customers, offering even larger plate sizes in a precisely machined format. With the new CNC milling machine it is possible to machine plates up to 3000 mm long. For Saloteam, it enables the machining of more than three times as much sheet surface area as before.
The new machine acquisition will strengthen the experienced Salo-based company’s modern machine fleet and ensure sufficient capacity even during periods of peak demand.

“Our total production capacity increased significantly thanks to the new acquisition” – says Juha Hänninen, CEO of Saloteam

Kimla BPF Linear CNC-milling machine

Suuri levykoko

Jopa 3000x1500x50 mm


Sopii erityisesti alumiinille ja teollisille muoveille


Takaa huipputason pinnanlaadun ja tarkkuuden

Karateho 16 kW

Paksujen levyjen käsittely onnistuu tehokkaan karan ansiosta

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